Chests: What are they and how do they work?

If you've received a Chest recently and want to know more about them, here you'll find these answers:

What are Chests?

Whenever you join our games and play with us, you earn reward points that help fill up a progress bar. Once your progress bar is complete, you’ll receive a Chest. These Chests contain rewards tailored to you based on your recent activity.

There are six different Chest levels. The higher your Chest level, the better and more valuable the rewards. Depending on the number of Chests you earn during a rolling 28-day period, you can move up or down from a bigger Chest to a smaller Chest.

  • Moving up a Chest level: To upgrade to the next Chest level, you must earn a number of Chests within a rolling 28-day period. The number of Chests needed to upgrade will vary depending on your current level.
  • Keeping your current Chest level: If you earn one Chest in a rolling 28-day period, you’ll stay on the same level.
  • Moving down a Chest level: If you don’t earn a Chest during a rolling 28-day period, you’ll be moved down a level.

How do I open an unlocked Chest?

To open an unlocked Chest, head over to the 'My Rewards' section and go to 'Chests'. From there, select the Chest you want to open depending on its availability status:

  • A green padlock means you can open the Chest. You'll get a new progress bar every time you unlock a Chest.
  • A yellow hourglass means the Chest is still locked. The date the Chest will unlock is shown underneath.

You can open a Chest before, during, or after your session. You have 30 calendar days to do it. Once expired, Chests hold no value.

You can also track your Chests at any time by clicking on the progress bar.

Where can I see when a Chest will expire?

You can find the expiration date displayed underneath each Chest.

With our rewards program, you earn a Chest by completing a progress bar, then you have 30 calendar days to open it and claim your rewards. However, the expiration dates of Chests earned outside the loyalty program may vary. Their expiration date is shown when awarded. Once expired, Chests have no value.

To check the availability status of your Chests, go to the 'Chests' section of the 'My Rewards' tab. If you're on our website, use the button below to go there directly:
Stars Rewards


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